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Your benefits of testing with TEQtest

Save time

  • Parallel testing with multi-user capability reduces the time required for your tests.
  • Save all test cases and test templates in the database, use a quick and detailed search.
  • Always readable and fully completed responses prevent further inquiries.

More flexibility

  • Work where, how and with whom you want. Integrate customers and vendors in your testing process, if necessary, platform-independent and without additional installation.
  • With a comprehensive privilege management using rolls, filters, users and groups, you can customize your TEQtest structures.

Save costs

  • Installation of TEQtest is limited to the web server only, because it uses web technology.
  • TEQtest has low demands on hardware and software of clients and servers.
  • Due to low cost of acquisition and implementation and low operating costs you are able to free capital for other projects.

Easy and quick access

  • The intuitive interface reduces the learning curve for test manager to a necessary minimum.
  • Testers can immediately test without training TEQtest.

  • Due to the possibility of importing your existing test cases you can use the potential of TEQtest after a few days for your test run.

Software competencies
PHP weitverbreitete Skriptsprache zur Webentwicklung Java, objektorientierte Programmiersprache Apple Anwendungsentwicklung MySQL Server, relationales Datenbankverwaltungssystem PostgreSQL, freies, objektrelationales Datenbankmanagementsystem Oracle Datenbanksysteme Apache HTTP Server, der meistbenutzte Webserver im Internet TYPO3, das meistverbreitetste Open Source Enterprise Content Management System Magento, OpenSource eCommerce Plattform xtCommerce, Open Source Shopsystem, in Version 4 Veyton genannt Open Source, quelloffene Software